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(English) Cow Horns

Diverseco Investment Co Limited has been officially registered with the Ministry of livestock, Fisheries Rangelands as a dealer in collecting, transporting, cleaning, trimming, and exporting of Animal By Products (ABPs). The animal by-products in concern are horns, hooves and bones, i.e. of category 3. Collection sites are restricted to the state-owned slaughterhouses, where all operations are closely monitored by the Veterinary Department of the ministry and follow the state hygiene and health regulations.

Diverseco is specialized in Cow Horn Latin Name: BOS TAURUS

Horn consists of two different parts: an inner core of living bone and an outer covering of horn. This outer part is made of keratin (the same material as our nails and hair) and is more or less hollow except for the very tip. The outer part (Keratin) has thermoplastic properties, which mean that it can moulded by heating to create wonderful horn products.

We can supply two types of cow horns


Long Cow Horns (cleaned, no insects or worms)


Length :    50 cm Min.

Color :        Variable (Creamy, Black, Gray, Brown, Greenish).

Thickness :   3 mm Min. The thickness starts with 3 mm Min. at horn base and increases up to horn tip. Normal thickness distribution is as follows

Horn Type : Majouk Cow Type Total length of horn: 75 cm
Thickness and circumference of horn sections The length of section with thickness 6mm or more is 23 cm. It constitutes 30 % of the total Horn Length (23/75).

Portions Distance from base Thickness (mm) Circumference (cm)
1 10 cm 2-3 35
2 20 cm 2-4 33
3 30 cm 3-5 30
4 35 cm 6 28
5 43 cm 6-7.5 26
6 58 cm 14 19
7 from 58 to 75 Tip  









 The length of section with thickness 6mm or more is 23 cm. It constitutes 30 % of the total Horn Length (23/75).  



Horn Tips (cleaned, no insects or worms)


Length:  13 cm Min.

Color:    Creamy, Black, Gray, Brown


NB. No two pieces will ever be the same and the colors you receive will vary from those pictured
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